Integrated Cybersecurity

What is Cyber Security?

What drives an organization towards an increasing digitalization?

What increases in productivity does it entail? What cost cuts? What capacity to compete on the global market? What increasingly complex tools to comprehend the reality around us, the business dynamics, the relationship with the existing and potential clients do Big Data guarantee? What capacity of profiling the potential clients does it offer, maximising the efficiency of marketing strategies while drastically cutting costs?

But most of all… can digitalization still be thought of as a choice? Or is it now perhaps the condition for survival in an increasingly global and competitive market?

Studies by major consultants, such as The Boston Consulting Group, are clear: the numbers prove that the most innovative and digitally-oriented companies are the ones with the best annual growth in productivity, profits and market quote; the least innovative face the risk of being pressured out of the market instead.

We all know that the Web was created with sharing, not safety, in mind; it does guarantee the totally essential advantages that we quickly listed – and that were unimaginable just a few years ago – but it also involves risks that must be dealt with and reduced to an acceptable level.


How can this be done? By adopting effective cyber defence tools and implementing a “culture of safety” within organizations and companies.

Allow us to use a metaphor: imagine that, thanks to the newest digital technologies, in the last ten years we built cars that are ten times faster than before and consume a tenth, but we forgot to add special airbags or titanium brakes… once a certain speed is reached, it’s these last two that will make the difference in the event of a car crash!



This is Cyber Security according to CYBAZE: having the brakes and the airbags ready in case of an accident, so that safety is always guaranteed to an acceptable level while we keep developing our activity (and our lives) with “digital engines” that are increasingly effective, fast and are getting cheaper by the day.