International Partners

Our international Partners

To give concrete shape to its ambitious mission, CYBAZE has promoted and contracted an operating alliance with international brands from the start:

We have signed a consultancy / partnership agreement with an Israeli group of enormous prestige in the Cyber Security arena: Herzog, Fox & Neeman, which is working to ensure CYBAZE the partnership on an exclusive basis for the Italian market with the most interesting start-ups in the field of Cyber Security; companies that have developed highly sophisticated niche solutions that will be integrated into proprietary solutions by CYBAZE technicians.

NTT DATA, a quoted company belonging at 54% to Japanese IT behemoth NTT Telegraph & Telephone Company. In 2012, Forbes Global 2000 has recognized NTT as the fifth biggest society in the world in the field of Information Technology.

NTT DATA, already an active player in Cyber Security services, is very interested in CYBAZE both for its distinctive systemic approach ad as a new and more specifically focused brand. NTT DATA is strategic to CYBAZE because it allows the latter to operate in Cyber Security at the highest level already from the first day, and to be able to deal with contracts of any size. CYBAZE is soon launching, in collaboration with NTT Data, an “Academy” for the specialized training of new talents in Cyber Security that will join the existing staff (this talent scouting system will be incessant);

ORRICK LEGAL. This prestigious international legal signature was immediately a key partner for the development of the CYBAZE proposal.

Our strategic vision, shared with partners, provides in fact the development of an offer related to data security and the consequent responses that companies must adopt in implementation of the community and national legislation on the subject, with attention not only to the cyber domain in strict sense, but also to insurance, business consulting and qualified legal advice.

That’s why CYBAZE has chosen Orrick as a Preferred Provider for its Customers.

At a national level, CybSec launched an important research project in collaboration with the Università del Sannio, a renowned Italian excellence in the field of Cyber Security – in particular in the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Cyber Security solutions and intelligence on threats – focusing the research on obtaining new patents on critical aspects of the Cyber Security universe, which will be later offered to the Italian and international markets.

It also created a Malware Analysis Lab – Zlab – with highly specialized analysts detecting an analysing new generation malware, that is quickly gaining the attention of the international Cyber Security community. The lab published an immediate preliminary analysis of the BAD RABBIT malware that brought turmoil at an international level, the first in the world, just at the same time as the international colossus Kaspersky. The analysis was immediately acknowledged and shared on social media, in particular on Twitter, and on international specialized sites.

Lexjus Sinacta is a network of about 200 lawyers and accountants divided into 9 locations in Italy; in 2017 he won the Le Fonti Awards as best legal team for SMEs. The partnership with Lexjus Sinacta is strategic, for CYBAZE, to allow a wide audience of Italian SMEs and to fully comply with the GDPR regulations.