Our Approach

The CYBAZE approach: why are we “different” from our competitors?

The intricate context, the speed with which digitalization is getting involved in any aspect of business – and of our life in general – are increasingly highlighting what we see as the very core of the question, the basis for our distinctive approach that differentiates us from the other players in our market:

Cyber Security has an ineludibly technological aspect; but the issue does not end there.

CYBAZE believes that the companies who decide to proactively defend their digital systems– or should we say “their most strategic patrimonial assets” – and increase the advantages of digitalization should adopt, implement and endlessly update all the solutions and instruments that will help them to efficiently prevent and/or resist cyber-attacks; that the starting point is definitely the use of the most sophisticated technologies on the international market, but that such instruments must be fully integrated in a bigger system that deals with aspects that are more closely tied to the company’s organization and internal procedures. For example:

  • the architecture of the internal and external info flows and of the access levels to critical info;

  • the training of the in-house staff, who must be skilled at monitoring the systems, discovering attacks and interfacing with external specialists in case of an actual crisis;

  • the possibility to quickly call highly experienced professionals who can offer the correct legal answers to attacks;

  • the possibility to choose the correct insurance coverage, tailored on the company’s need to cover residual risk and protect its financial capital.

We believe that without a strategic vision of the deep nature of the organization involved (either private or public) and of the direction it moves towards, putting up an efficient digital shield that protects a company’s activity while allowing at the same time its full development – without paralysing it – becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible.

CYBAZE is therefore born with the vocation and the nature of a Cyber Security strategic consultant, using the most extreme research for technological excellence as a starting point for “climbing” the whole issue of cyber safety in an integrated and systematic way. CYBAZE is entirely focused on protecting the client’s strategic assets with the highest capital value, as perceived by the client’s top management.

Actually, each organization balances on two juxtaposing needs: on one side, it needs to increase to the maximum, and under any point of view, the competitive advantages of its increasing drive towards digitalization; on the other side, it needs to have in place all the safety measures that will not turn such advantages into cyber traps that might even prove lethal in the worst case scenario.

CYBAZE develops safety strategies starting from two opposite positions: the insight of the company’s top management about the critical assets that need to be protected and about the company’s development goals… and the insight of the attacker himself, who tries to destroy the company’s defences for several possible reasons (criminal profit, political – or rather, increasingly geopolitical – issues, extreme and anti-systemic ideologies).

CYBAZE’s mission is offering a “turnkey service”, i.e. solutions tailored on the exact need of the client to defend his most precious assets and the natural proceedings of his company from any risk of cyber-attacks. These services range from:

  • performing a Vulnerability Assessment and a Penetration Testing on the client’s systems, in order to identify any weak points and define the risk of attacks;

  • redesigning the internal organization of the client, in order to improve cyber safety while limiting its digital development as little as possible;

  • managing and protecting sensitive data systems while fully complying with the GDPR norms;

  • foffering intelligence about threats, for the early identification of cyber threats and their perpetrators, and performing non-stop malware analysis;

  • training the client’s in-house staff so that every employee is able to monitor the IT infrastructure daily, looking for possible attacks or weak points to intervene on, and knows how to correctly discuss these technical points with external experts in case of attacks;

  • immediately reacting to attacks in order to manage the crisis and restore the safety standards and the correct activity of the infrastructure;

  • reviewing the organization and the internal flow of info with the new attacks in mind;

  • in case of an attack, organizing the most effective juridical response, in collaboration with the most specialized law firms in this sector;

  • promoting cutting-edge research in cyber safety, with particular focus on solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence for the protection of critical infrastructures, through the continued and automatic gathering of global data about attacks and the implementation of mathematical analysis models (also in order to comply with the NIS norms);

  • offering an insurance coverage tailored on the specific needs of the client, aimed at covering residual risk and defending the company’s patrimonial status, through collaborations with selected insurance companies, at a low cost thanks to the so-called “securing” – therefore a decrease of the probability of future damage – implemented by CYBAZE on the client;

Briefly, our mission is to create the optimal conditions and an adequate safety level to allow the client to use and constantly implement the most innovative digital instruments, further developing and updating his organization, its activity and its competitive advantage.